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We moved to Berta Ridge in March 2009, after considering other homes in the area. What attracted us here was the significant amount of land set aside as open space.  As wildlife biologists, by education as well avocation, we saw the opportunity to co-inhabit this lovely little spot of oak and manzanita with the wildlife native to this habitat.

We haven’t been disappointed – and we’ve captured some great observations from the deck with our cameras and phones, and some wonderful video moments with our trail camera, too.  We are happy to have neighbors who are furry, feathery, slippery and slimy.  (Okay, so we did not enjoy the invasion of oak moths that stripped our trees in previous seasons.) This blog is here to share our appreciation of and with our fellow residents on Berta Ridge and beyond.

You might also want to visit our travel blog, because sometimes we just Can’t Stay Home.

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